Personalised food gifting

Remember the Share a Coke campaign of a few years ago? Where the ubiquitous can was personalized with people’s names. Large swathes of the population bought into it, with even Coke avoiders succumbing to the appeal of immortalising themselves in aluminum.

It met a growing demand for personalisation and while some might have found it a touch narcissist, lo and behold, the trend stuck.

As mentioned in The Three Biscuiteers a few weeks ago, a personalized food gift can be a neat, thoughtful and generally inexpensive present.

Two pop up food gifting concepts caught my eye in Dublin’s department stores in the lead up to Christmas.

Boutique Chocolat with pop ups in Brown Thomas and Arnotts prints photos on chocolate slabs which are then packed in a compact flat box. At a cost of €20 this is a nostalgic present at an affordable price point.

20181206_122319 (003)

Meanwhile Nutella’s pop up in Debenhams offers a personalized name or message in a 400g or 1kg jar or a gift pack. With price points between €5 and €18 this is also an appealing offer.


Nutella has excelled in in-store promotions in recent years with a prominent link up with the Eataly upmarket food chain in particular. The Nutella Bars which feature in most Eataly stores around the world encourage customers to discover and experience the hazelnut-chocolate spread in creative ways they have never tried before.


A couple of weeks ago I explored Ireland’s fascination with selection boxes at this time of year in Selection Boxes Douze Points…. (our wicker basket is now full to overflowing).

And so I couldn’t resist a visit last weekend to Cadbury’s Secret Santa pop up in South William Street which is now touring the country. Despite the inclement weather an orderly queue quickly formed (mostly consisting of grown ups).

The Secret Santa campaign gives people the opportunity to anonymously gift a bar of chocolate to anyone of their choice which is posted in a dedicated post box at the pop up, and also to custom build their own selection box. On entry we were initially entertained by some youthful and enthusiastic singers before selecting our own box contents (I held back from 6 double deckers and included a wispa or two).


A great campaign which taps into the spirit of giving as well as this uniquely Irish tradition.

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