Six pieces of food art

  1. Coffee greetings spreading happiness.
    Enjoy Bald Barista
    Bald Barista, Aungier Street, Dublin
  2. Sustainable art; a sculpture made of used coffee pods.
    Nespresso Flagship Boutique, Regent Street, London
  3. A wall mural.
    Hotel Moments
    Hotel Moments, Andrassy 8, Budapest
  4. Dining meets art. Powder pink furniture and (David Shrigley) art on the walls.

    Sketches Gallery Restaurant, 9 Conduit Street, London
  5. Goulash “installation”.
    Goulasch Installation
    Pesti Sorcsarnok, Vamhaz koerut 16, 1053 Budapest
  6. Personalised breads.
    Personalised Sourdough
    Harrods Food Hall, Knightsbridge, London

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